Private view at The Citadella Cultural Centre, Victoria, Gozo


Charlotte has been practicing professionally for over 10 years, exhibiting across the UK, France, Malta, the USA and India. Her work focuses on space and environment, abstracting forms found in nature, and the spaces in between. Painting is used as a meditative method to understand our place within our environment.

Past exhibitions

October 2020 - June 2021

Selected works @The Exhibitionist

Ware, UK

May 2021

The Guitarist published in Stonecrop Magazine, Idaho, USA

24th - 27th September 2020

Shortlisted works exhibition for the Sir John Hurt Art Prize

Sainsbury's Centre for the Arts, Norwich, UK

1st Jan 2018 – 28th February 2020

Live art collaborations with Shanty Town events, Birmingham, UK

2nd Dec 2016 – 3rd Jan 2017
Solo exhibition, Citadella Gallery, Victoria, Gozo, Malta

18th June – 8t July 2016
Solo exhibition, Art…e Gallery, Victoria, Gozo, Malta

26th Oct – 19t Nov 2015
Solo exhibition, Il-Hagar, Heart of Gozo Museum, Victoria, Malta

4th – 14th September 2015 
Group exhibition with Krysia Michna-Nowak, Knowl Piece, Hitchin, UK

27th July – 1st Nov 2015
Group exhibition, Boston Public Library, Dorchester, Massachusetts, USA

3rd March – 3rd April 2015
Exhibition, Ôbohem Bar Culturel, Toulouse, France

20th Dec 2014
Exhibition and performance with Bear Music, Ôbohem Bar Culturel, Toulouse, France

17th – 21st May 2014
Curator/exhibitor, group exhibition, Art for Democracy, Knowl Piece, Hitchin, UK

1st – 7th Sept 2013
Solo exhibition, Wallington Village Hall, Wallington, UK

10th – 27th October 2012
Solo exhibition, La Lanterne d'Aristote, St-Cyr-sur-Mer, France

22nd April – 28th Sept 2010
Touring exhibition, Future Bright, Leicester City Gallery, Leicester, UK

29th May – 8th June 2008
Group exhibition, SWA Annual Exhibition, The Mall Galleries, London, UK

11th – 24th April 2008
Featured Artist, Advocate Art, Wimbledon Village, London, UK

30th May – 10th June 2007
Group exhibition, SWA Annual Exhibition, The Mall Galleries, London, UK

Residencies and awards 

3rd Oct  – 5th Nov 2014
Artist in Residence, Arthouse Chantelle, Chantelle, France

7th July – 10t Oct 2014
Artist in Residence, Greenmeadows Vagamon, Kerala, India

May 2008
Young Artist Award, Society of Women Artists Open Exhibition

11th Feb – 2nd March 2008
Artist in Residence, Kokarkultur, Åland, Finland